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Activation File Delphi 2010 .slip Full [REPACK]

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Activation File Delphi 2010 .slip Full [REPACK]

i dont want to be the flaky user that lets a bad product drag them under. i know there are plenty of people out there that will be rushing to xe4 who are totally unprepared for it. theyll be flailing around in the dark, expecting it to work the same as delphi7 when it doesnt. most of them will eventually get it to work and continue with their normal daily activities. ive already lost a few projects to the eulogists. no one should have to become a eulogist because they tried something new.

these days i prefer to be a libertarian, but i'll go further: any company that doesnt respect its customers is free to go to hell. theres nothing like the pressure of losing what is your livelihood or your business to cause people to start thinking rationally. when its a big company and youre on a salary, or a small company and youre owner-operator, it doesnt matter. when a customer stops buying, you either fix it or you go out of business. companies that make products simply arent going to be able to do business for much longer with the delphi community. eeml and xe4 will be a better product than delphi7, but in the meantime no one wants to use delphi. its only a matter of time before theres an xe4 equivalent of the delphi vcl market for native components.

delphi is a product with a massive legacy. its going to be difficult to replace. embarcadero should be concentrating on making xe4 a better product than delphi7. this will be a long process. i dont think they can expect the enterprise users to jump right back on board. theyre going to have to work harder to get those users back. theres only so much they can do to make new users jump back on board. theres not going to be much of an incentive for those who would happily pay for delphi7 and whatever they can get away with still. delphi7 wasnt that bad, but it wasnt enterprise ready. delphi7 was not something i would consider to have a ten year lifespan, so if xe4 isnt better, its not going to get as much use as delphi7 did. other than big compnies with big customers, there just doesnt seem to be enough interest to get anyone to pay for delphi7, unless they have to. which will be the case for a long time. 3d9ccd7d82

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