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What's New in Cabinet Vision Version 8?

What's New in Cabinet Vision Version 8?

Cabinet Vision is a software that helps cabinet and casegoods manufacturers design, engineer, and produce their products. It is used by thousands of professionals in the woodworking industry, from residential cabinetry to commercial casework. Cabinet Vision Version 8 is the latest release of this powerful software, and it comes with many new features and improvements that make it even more user-friendly and efficient. Here are some of the highlights of what's new in Cabinet Vision Version 8:

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  • Assembly Wizard and Assembly Level: Cabinet Vision Version 8 introduces a new way to create and manage assemblies, which are groups of cabinets or parts that can be treated as a single unit. The Assembly Wizard guides you through the process of creating an assembly, and the Assembly Level allows you to view and edit assemblies in your job. You can also apply materials, hardware, and machining to assemblies, as well as generate reports and labels for them.

  • Bid Center, CAD, and Doors: Cabinet Vision Version 8 enhances the functionality of the Bid Center, which is a tool that helps you create accurate estimates and proposals for your clients. You can now import CAD drawings into the Bid Center, and use them to create rooms and cabinets. You can also customize the appearance and content of your proposals, and export them to PDF or Excel formats. Additionally, Cabinet Vision Version 8 offers more options for door styles and profiles, as well as improved door machining.

  • Drawers: Cabinet Vision Version 8 improves the drawer creation and editing process, making it easier and faster to design drawers for your cabinets. You can now specify different drawer types, such as dovetail or metal box, and adjust their dimensions, materials, hardware, and machining. You can also create custom drawer boxes with user-defined parts and machining.

  • Drawings: Cabinet Vision Version 8 provides more control over the drawings that you generate for your jobs. You can now create custom drawing templates with your own logo, title block, notes, dimensions, and annotations. You can also edit drawings in CAD mode, add layers and views, and export drawings to DWG or DXF formats.

  • General Features: Cabinet Vision Version 8 includes many general features that enhance the usability and performance of the software. Some of these features are: a new user interface with ribbon menus and toolbars; a new file format that reduces file size and improves compatibility; a new backup and restore system that protects your data; a new online help system that provides access to tutorials, videos, and FAQs; a new license manager that simplifies the activation and deactivation of licenses; and many more.

Cabinet Vision Version 8 is a software that delivers more value and productivity to cabinet and casegoods manufacturers. It is designed to meet the needs and challenges of the woodworking industry, and to help you create high-quality products for your customers. If you want to learn more about Cabinet Vision Version 8, you can visit their website[^2^], watch their videos[^1^], or contact their support team[^2^]. 0efd9a6b88

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