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Jdk 1.6 Free Download For Windows 7 64 Bit Cnet

LINK :::

Just got a question about a Virus alert on my Windows 7-64 (x86) (on Compaq Presario Laptop) which I had installed Oracle jdk 1.6.0_31 from cnet's link. I didn't check any of the boxes, but this morning I ran the cnet scan and it said there was a virus present. (the virus file was really short, just 103 bytes).

You offered three different ways to download the latest Java Runtime Environment for Windows, one of which was to visit CNET. I downloaded the latest Java Runtime Environment, version 1.6.0_31, from the same link you suggested. That link contains the latest Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0_31 for Windows. I have had a number of programs run on my computer which have caused the little Java icon to appear and I am NOT able to download and install the new Java Runtime Environment I just downloaded from you. The Java icon is there, but I cannot do anything with it.

I just tried to download Java 6 from your site and CNET redirects to I know I don't trust Java as much as I used to. However, I still do need to know what Java version I have.

I've had this problem for a while, but never realized what the cause was. I'm guessing the "sweetpacks" addon makes it happen. CNET will never have it. As long as my browser is open to CNET, it will not let me download Java without the sweetpacks addon. I've tried over 500 times.

CNET, from the start, bothered me because it didn't give a way to choose if you want to check the boxes of adobe, etc. software that you may or may not have. I kept seeing them and thought, "all these checkmarks are there because some product suggested it". 3d9ccd7d82

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